The Family World Adventure Begins with Caring Bees!

Good Day from down under, New Zealand style!!!

Yes, we made it!  What an amazing journey we started and can’t wait for what each new day may bring 🙂

To catch you up a bit, I have been writing a lot about our experiences and lessons learned, but realized, this would be quite lengthy to post through the blog….so, I guess I will be writing a book in the future!

Anywho….Here is a “quick” synopsis of the preparation, the flights & arriving in New Zealand:

As you can see by the above images, we started packing and then ran out of luggage for the rest of the stuff.

Below are images during the estate sale.  Everything was pulled out and displayed for the sale.  We had a great turnout, even for the rainy, cool days.  We have to thank Leslie, Will & Melanie @ Strictly Business for their amazing job getting things to move.  Their two weeks of hard work paid off….thank you!!!

After the day’s sale (3 days total), since the kid’s beds were sold, they created forts to sleep under for the night 🙂

Then, here is what the aftermath looked like from the sale, which all remaining items went to a local donation charity:

Finally, now to move our stuff to the hotel.  Should be no problem, right?  Wrong!  It took three trips to the hotel to move everything out of the house.  Needless to say, there was more “shedding” in our future!

Ugh!  Finally to the hotel for a peaceful night sleep….

And…..were off!  Jet setting across the world!!!

We rented an RV (aka Caravan, as New Zealander’s call it) and headed off towards the beach!  Sounds easy, right?  Uh, not really.  It took us two days parked somewhere in Auckland just to get adjusted to our surroundings, learn how to drive on the opposite side of the road, get internet connections up and running and recover from “jet lag”.  But once that happened, the adventure started up again!

All in all, it was worth each step to land where we are right now.  Our future is bright and beautiful…we look forward to sharing more!  To keep up with our updates, don’t forget to follow us at:

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr & Twitter!!!

Items on my blog To Do list:  posting the kids blogs, more beautiful scenery images, what we have learned so far from our local beekeepers, etc…  If you are interested in asking us a question, please do!  I may even answer it in a blog post, too!

Give bees a chance….don’t use pesticides…

❤ Terra



4 thoughts on “The Family World Adventure Begins with Caring Bees!

    • caringbees says:

      Yes, thank you Debora! We thought it might be a great time to travel the world and maybe spread the word about our bees and how important they are to help them survive.

      I hope things are adventurous for you as well. I look forward to us catching up!
      ❤ Terra


  1. Becky & James says:

    Hey guys,
    This is the first time I’ve been on here, as we’ve been busy, but looks like you just posted yesterday (whenever that is in your neck of the world) so guess I’m not too far behind in following your travels. Glad to see you’ve arrived safely and are off on your journey! Have fun, good luck, and God bless. Can’t wait to see your updates (especially the pictures)!


    • caringbees says:

      Hi Becky & James!!! We have been SO busy that writing about our adventures is getting backlogged 😉 I can not wait to write about the amazing people, the bees, the almost magical beauty and most of all….the adventures of discovery!!! The kids have been writing journals, too, just waiting to have them type it out.

      If you want to get emailed when we post, then enter your email and click “Follow Us Bees”, otherwise, you will have to check back on the site for updates…which is a pain to remember 😉

      Thanks Becky!!!
      Terra ❤


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