Our team energizer!  Everything is an adventure with him!! ❤     Since our travels started, Fritz has taken the reigns of the title “Happiest Caravan Driver Award”.  He waves to fellow caravaners and keeps count of the “waves:no waves” ratio, on a daily basis 🙂 Ok, this picture doesn’t exactly show the “Happiest Caravan … Continue reading Fritz


It’s me…the “Find your passion and make it happen!” motivator! My favorite made-up quote: “It’s not about what I CAN’T do, it’s about what I NEED to do, so I CAN !“


Our baseball enthusiast and resident researcher!


Our little entrepreneur & marketing guru!

12 thoughts on “Meet The Adventurers!

  1. Paloma says:

    This is going to be so exciting to follow you guys around the world! Though i might not be able to, watching your family travel will make it feel as if i was! Good luck! (:


    • caringbees says:

      uh, Y’all’s? Maybe 😉

      Pictures coming today! I know, I know…should have been earlier, but being discombobulated in a new country took a little while to get our bearings straight 🙂

      Thanks for keeping up with us!


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