Our team energizer!  Everything is an adventure with him!! ❤



Since our travels started, Fritz has taken the reigns of the title “Happiest Caravan Driver Award”.  He waves to fellow caravaners and keeps count of the “waves:no waves” ratio, on a daily basis 🙂


Ok, this picture doesn’t exactly show the “Happiest Caravan Driver” look, but that is because it was only his 2nd day driving, in unfamiliar territory 😉

He has also persevered through the utmost challenges, such as learning in an instant how to drive a caravan (a.k.a. camper van or RV), in a foreign country, driving on the opposite side of the road, in a rainstorm at night.  Yep, I think that qualifies for something…not sure what, but we really do appreciate his mastery skills in this department!

He is a father, a baseball coach, a friend, a movie partner and most of all, the best husband anyone could ever dream to have.





2 thoughts on “Fritz

  1. Patrick Picazo says:

    Hey Fritz! Looks like you guys are having the time of your life! I hope all is going well and you guys continue to have fun!

    -Patrick Picazo
    Baker Dist. Upland, CA


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