New Zealand, Who Knew Amazing People Live Here?

Ok, I seriously mean that in the nicest way.  🙂

Back in 2008, I stumbled upon this article/advertisement from National Geographic.  It simply states, “We are not alone.” along with the image of the United States surrounded only by oceans (see below).


When I read its contents, it made me realize how important it is to educate our children in the larger sense of the world.  There are other countries, people, cultures, animals, insects and everything else to learn about around us.

The article resonated with me so much, that I still have it with me right now…7 years later.  I have to wonder if this article, plus Oprah Winfrey having a world traveling family of 6 on her show,  stimulated my interest in the possibilities of family travel.

Anyway, back to what I was saying…the people of New Zealand are AMAZING!

We met Dick & Geraldine.  They winter a few months in the northern island at a great motorcamp in Muriwai Beach.  They helped us feel at home.  In fact, they reminded us our our favorite neighbors from the Midwest, Dick & Carol 🙂

IMG_1501 Muriwai Beach

Dick & Geraldine

They have been a great local resource for directions, things to do on the island,  and generally caring for our well being.  So much so, we just have to hug them when we see them!

Next up is Bruce.  He owns Waimauku Food Station and has the best fish & chips!!!  I love that he prides himself on the sourcing of the food he sells.  From the seafood to the ingredients in his healthiest smoothie, all clean sources researched and vetted by him!

Oh speaking of a smoothie, he has this amazing “stress buster” smoothie that even Fritz loves!  I seriously can not believe Fritz will drink something with spirulina, chlorella, barley & wheat grass!  But yep, every time we walk in there….there he goes ordering it!  Thanks Bruce for turning us onto this drink!

While talking with Bruce, we discovered he use to have a beehive.  They were doing great until one day he noticed a few wasps coming around.  Shortly after that, he discovered all of his bees were gone, literally left the hive and never came back.  He mentioned the wasps in New Zealand destroy beehives and take their honey.  What he thought was odd, was the fact the honey was still there and the hive was not destroyed.  His next thought was maybe wherever the wasp came from, there might have been someone using pesticides to rid them and inadvertently killed his bees.  His last thought was, recently a maize (corn) field was planted and wonders if they were using harsh chemicals.

Bruce has given us some contacts to follow up with in regards to New Zealand bees.  Once we finish our tour of the North Island, we will be contacting them to get more insight into the current environments the bees have here.

Well, we’re off to meet more friendly New Zealanders!

Give bees a chance…use natural pesticide methods!

❤ Terra